Safety | Health | Environment | Quality

H.H. Smith & Sons Co. Ltd. are committed to delivering projects, which not only meet the requirements of our company’s customers, but exceed their expectations.

As part of the construction process, we are committed to minimising the impacts resulting from the environmental aspects of our products and services and to controlling the health and safety risks to our employees and the general public. The company believe that no injury is acceptable – all injuries are preventable – and we will do whatever it takes to prevent injury.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety, the environment and quality, our Management Team will have the necessary resources and facilities to develop, implement and continually improve our management system, which meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 45001:2018, BS EN ISO 14001:2015, BS EN ISO 9001:2015, and other Client Standards, and will comply with these requirements.


H.H. Smith & Sons Co. Ltd. commitment to health and safety is absolute, and in reflecting this commitment the following objectives shall be implemented within the Company: –

The provision of adequate funding and resources to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, for all employees, external providers and those others affected by the company’s activities.

Specific responsibilities are allotted to Directors and Managers, these are detailed within Job Descriptions and SQE Responsibility Statements. The responsibilities are designed to enable those individuals to develop suitable standards and procedures by which to meet the Safety Management System’s requirements.

Ensuring that the company goals of client satisfaction, ongoing business development and profit are not in conflict with good safety and industry best practice. A good safety record is of benefit to the business, while a safe and healthy environment protects and encourages our staff, our most important asset.


The understanding of the need for environmental protection forms an integral part of the H.H. Smith & Sons Co. Ltd. business philosophy. We are committed to protecting the environment and believe that our company has a responsibility not to compromise the ability of future generations to sustain their needs.

The impact that any of our activities, those of our clients/contractors, may have on the environment is an area of concern.

We will seek to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources, and whenever practicable will select materials which have the least negative impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Environmental protection will have equal status to considerations for health, safety and quality. 

In confirming our commitment to protection of the environment we will treat environmental regulations that apply to our activities as minimum standards, and where appropriate aim to better them. We will provide information to sub-contractors, customers and end users of our services to ensure that misuse will not be the cause of damage to the environment.

Our environmental policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and sub-contractors and reviewed annually to assess its effectiveness, compliance with environmental law and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.

Whilst recognising the fundamental responsibility of the company and its employees for environmental protection, particular attention will be paid to the following areas:


Waste Management


Flora and Fauna in and around project locations




Noise/Dust Light


Conservation of energy


Protection of the Environment Including the Prevention of Pollution


The established policy of H.H. Smith & Sons Co. Ltd. is to provide to its customers with products and services, which are fit for their intended purpose, delivered conforming with the customers and manufacturers requirements, and within the purpose and context of the Company. Producing a quality product whilst maintaining customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner.

To this end management systems and procedures are applied to meet the quality goals of the company to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system and to satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 series promoting:

  • High levels of stakeholder satisfaction
  • The delivery of the business commitment
  • Safe operation and protection of the reputation, value and assets of the company
  • Quality of product and service for all activities of the Company
  • A highly motivated, competent and knowledgeable workforce who believe in our company’s culture and values
  • Understanding and support of the environment within, which we work
  • Continual development of our business and internal processes
  • The continual improvement of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Notwithstanding the above we shall strive to create an environment that stimulates innovative thinking and provide continuous improvement within the Quality Management System. Maintain awareness of, and apply where appropriate new developments in civil engineering and construction technology and business methods with our customers.