May 2015 – The Time’s Right To Heat St. Peter’s

Finally after months of client collaboration H.H. Smith are now well up and running with the complete new heating system at St Peter’s Church, Bolton. A practical workable solution designed by H.H. Smith was developed and designed to fit the specific clients needs to maintain the churches architectural aesthetics whilst still offering modern energy efficient heating.

The 4 zonal heating system will be incorporated within the existing floor voids and decorative cast iron grills.  New underfloor heating elements which feature trench heating around the churches perimeter, use of finned tubed heating in new outlet grills within the existing pew area, and modern 4 column radiators will all achieve the required traditional appearance and energy efficiency.

All new plant is to be installed prior to the decommissioning and removal of the old plant. Completion is due before autumn.

Link to The Bolton News Article

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