February 2015 – Chorlton Church Opens Up

Works have been completed at Chorlton Church to bring the church into the 21st Century with a welcoming entrance and central community hall. Structural propping enabled the gable wall to be removed and a 10m x 8m structural frame inserted to support a fully glazed ecclesiastical decorative screen which became the church’s main feature entrance.

The Church was in operation throughout the works, and access to the site was through the existing entrances requiring care and consideration. All works were phased and each phase had to be completed and usable prior to the commencement of the next phase.

Users are delighted with their new church stating ‘the refurbished Hall is available for community use throughout the week, with its own entrance to the south of the building. The glazed wall adds a notable new landmark to the Chorlton streetscape. With a comfortable and stylish interior and new furnishings it is adaptable for a wide range of uses’.

Link to Manchester Evening News Article


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